watermill Revisited

by Christine Conrad

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CHRISTINE CONRAD’s most recent published work is the novel “Mademoiselle Benoir” from Houghton Mifflin. Inspired by a true story and written in epistolary form, it received excellent reviews.

It was preceded by her pictorial biography “Jerome Robbins: That Broadway Man, That Ballet Man,” inspired by her long relationship with him.

Ms. Conrad began working full-time as a writer for film and television in the early 1980’s after moving to Los Angeles. She is well-known for originating the screenplay of “Junior” which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Raised in NYC, she worked there in theatre; as an editor in book publishing; and as New York City film commissioner.

Her own serious illness in the mid-1990’s galvanized her to become an advocate for women’s health, and she wrote two books, “Natural Woman, Natural Menopause,” and “A Woman’s Guide to Natural Hormones.” Through her non-profit foundation www.naturalwoman.org she continues to provide women with doctor referrals for bio-identical hormones and has helped thousands of women get life-changing treatment.

Eclecticism, as it turns out, has always defined her working life, and she is currently working on a number of different projects:
A novel set in France, Two Sisters;
A novel, Sonny, Royal Dog;
A short story collection.

After her story, "Ties That Bind," read by Kathleen Turner,was accepted for a BBC broadcast and was very well reviewed, she was inspired to put together a collection, never having worked in this form before.

Her second short story for the BBC “Under My Skin” read by Calista Flockhart, was broadcast on BBC radio 4 in March, 2012.

"Under My Skin"
Read by Calista Flockheart, "Under My Skin" is a tale of friendship and betrayal.
This is Chris's second short story, and was streamlined on BBC Radio 4, in March 2012.

Martin Jarvis directs American star Calista Flockhart in Christine Conrad’s devastating new tale of friendship gone awry, specially written for Original Shorts.
Two creative women in New York find they have much in common. But when gregarious, entrepreneurial Julie commandeers her less outgoing friend’s new novel and announces it as her own film-project, the relationship is inevitably dislocated.
Reader/Calista Flockhart, Producer and Director/Martin Jarvis for Jarvis and Ayres Productions
BBC Radio 4 Publicity

Original Shorts
3.45pm Radio 4
Budgets on Radio dramas and readings are miniscule when placed against those available to TV companies and don't even bear comparison with the spend on films. A combination of sourcing quality material and being lucky enough to know great actors has meant that the husband and wife partnership of Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayers has consistently offered up starry productions on the radio airwaves. Now they have commissioned three short stories especially for Radio 4, starting with a twisted tale of female friendship gone horribly wrong. And the reader is no less than Ally McBeal and Brothers & Sisters star Calista Flockhart. She does a very good turn as a woman scorned.

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